It’s understandable that some people only intended to spend a night in JARDIN but ended up hanging around for a week or so. Such a pleasant and easy going little village beautifully sitting in a valley surrounded by mountains full of coffee plants. Elderly gentlemen wearing cowboy hats sit at the central square, drinking excellent coffee and watch the world go by. So did we.

Jardim Colombia
Just chillin’…

And went to the only vegan place in town, Consulado Vegetal (Calle 10 #2-02). The welcoming owners recently moved from Medellin in search of tranquility and found it here. Their menu is 100% vegan, they buy locally grown veggies, have a zero-waste policy and the tips are donated to the local dog shelter. Need I say more? Oh, the food! Well, it was ridiculously delicious and also the range of dishes was outstanding with treads like Calentao del Consul and Pericos de Tofu on the menu. Also, this is THE place to satisfy your sweet tooth: apple crumble and waffles with hot chocolate…. It was hard to wipe that grin from our faces.

As it closes at 2pm, we found three alternatives (with vegan options) for dinner, all conveniently located at Carrera 4 Bolivar, opposite the church. Get a vegetarian pizza without cheese at Cafe Europa, or -here comes a secret- order the vegan Greek pizza with caramelized onions. As good as it gets, plus the place is cosy, the music is good and the guys working there muy simpatico. The pasta is a yummy as well and goes down well with a vino tinto.

If it’s not pizza or pasta you’re after, just go across the road to Bon Appetit, where you’ll be rewarded with decent Tika Masala or rice noodles. Never forget to get your vitamin boost and order a fresh fruit juice wherever you are. Our favorites are Mora, Lulu, Guanabana, Tomate del Arbor and Gulupa, all regional fruits that you won’t get at home!

Last but not least, again just across the street is Pastelatte, where you’ll get a decent veg risotto accompanied with fresh fruit juice. Vitamins? Check!


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