Brazil in a nutshell

Brazil is huge, enormous, gigantic. It’s the 5th biggest country in the world! So I’m not even going into this „what-a-diverse-country-with-so-many-different-cultures-that-have-so-much-for-offer“-talk. You could LIVE here and wouldn’t be able to see the whole country. So I’ll cut the crap and focus on the few things I did experience and recommend a couple of things I personally enjoyed the most, highlighting vegan restaurants of course.

Endless beaches south of Rio de Janeiro

The first impression wasn’t too promising though: not a single veg restaurant in the beginning in Corumba, neither in Campo Grande nor in Bonito. Nada but meat galore. I had to go to the country’s biggest city in search of those, but in São Paulo I finally was a happy vegan again….so here it is, my very personal best-of-Brazil list.

Feel free to add your recommendation or any aspect that you found impressive about Brazil in the comment section down below.

For all the details, pics and more about every vegetarian and vegan restaurant I visited during my seven week trip in Brazil, visit

On the left: Sugarloaf Mountain


– I met the friendliest people of my whole South America journey here. Period.
– instead of the studio version: a lot of Live Music is played in the radio
– Dental hygiene is a thing here: toothbrushing people in the restrooms are a common sight
– Recife is the sportiest city of them all (even beating Rio!) with the fitness crazy beautiful people working out on the waterfront at Boa Viagem

Local vegan delicacies

– White Tapioca Wraps made of manioc flour
Açai („superfood“, berry from a palm tree in the Amazon)
– Paçoca (Peanut candy)

Careful: Highly addictive!

– Palm hearts fresh from the markets or in a jar from the supermarket (similar in taste and structure to artichokes, looks like white asparagus)


Natural highlights (no specific order)

– Animal encounters in Pantanal (think countless Caimans, Water Pigs, Giant Ant Eaters, Tucans and many other birds)
– Stunning coastline between Rio and São Paulo
– Ilha Grande: relaxing island life without cars
– Lovely beaches and whale watching (!) around Arraial do Cabo, north of Rio de Janeiro
– Incredible sunset view from the sugarloaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro

Not a secret anymore, but still magic: sunset views from the sugarloaf mountain in Rio



1. 🏆 Cafe Hostel, São Paulo (Vila Madalena) 🏆
2. Piratas da Praia Hostel, Recife
3. Mambembe Hostel, Ilha Grande
4. Canto da Paz, Trindade
5. Hostel Road Riders, Corumba

Best vegan Restaurants in Brazil

1. 🏆 Banana Verde, São Paulo 🏆


2. Sushimar Vegano, São Paulo
3. Casa Jaya, São Paulo
4. Teva, Rio de Janeiro
5. Vegetarian Social Club, Rio de Janeiro
6. O Vegetariano, Recife

Enjoy colorful Brazil!

Still roaming around in Brazil in search of vegan restaurants?

Well, fear not: There is more! Also, if you’re planning on heading to ColombiaEcuadorPeru or elsewhere.

There are vegan eateries everywhere. Subscribe to my blog if you want to know where. I also put some pics on instagram


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