Bolivia in a nutshell

By many, Bolivia is underrated. A lot of travelers barely take enough time to really explore this multifaceted country and only visit the two „must-dos“, La Paz and the Salar de Uyuni. This does not do justice to a country with so much indigenous culture, so much ecological diversity and so many opportunities to experience some real adventures and see some astonishingly beautiful cities. It’s probably a bit rougher around the edges and not so smoothed out like some other tourist destinations in South America, but isn’t getting off the beaten path exactly what a lot of modern vagabonds are striving for?

2nd tallest Christ statue in the world (taller than the famous one in Rio!) in Cochabamba

I liked Bolivia a lot, a country with a lot of character and particularly enjoyed the food here, albeit the majority of people were obviously more into meat than into plant based food. Still, there is a growing number of conscious Bolivians who are very aware of the benefits of a vegan diet. In nearly every interview in which I asked the owner or chef of a restaurant about their motivation or philosophy, the answer was „health“. Cancer in the family was a major reason for most to change their lifestyle and convert to a vegan diet.
A big plus (for me, at least): Buffets seem to be the thing in Bolivia! I loved filling up a plate with so many different things and pay by its weight.

So here it is: my very personal best of list of certain things in Bolivia, starting of course with the best restaurants in the country.

For more details and all the other vegan and vegetarian restaurants I visited, visit

Top 5 vegan restaurants of Bolivia
1. Ali Pacha, La Paz 🏆


2. Menta, Cochabamba
3. Cafe Vida, La Paz

4. VegeLin, Santa Cruz

5. NamasTé, La Paz

Best accommodation in the country
1. Samay Hostel, Cochabamba 🏆
2. Jardin de Uyuni, Uyuni
3. Casa Lynda, Samaipata                                                                                                           4. Flower Fountain, La Paz

– Dangerous pavements, watch your step!
– Too many obese people. Coca Cola is coming to town… 😦
– An active protest culture is omnipotent. Fuerza la resistencia!
– How many coca leafs can be put in one’s mouth? Some Bolivians are apparently record holder in this field…                                                                                                                          – I can’t recollect having seen a single baby stroller – all women carry their babies in a colorful cloth on their bag.



Weird stuff
– Woman wrestling in La Paz
– Giant popcorn bags in Copacabana. Who is ever suppose to finish those? Ever?? And who gets the ones at the bottom of the bag?

Now THIS is a bag of Popcorn!

– Meeting „El Diablo“ at the tattoo convention in a 5* hotel in La Paz
– Soft cushioned toilet seats. Simply odd.

Best thing to do.. La Paz: ride the cable car (teleferico): it’s silent, fast, provides awesome views and doesn’t stink!

Gliding over the highest capital of the world!

…in Copacabana: take a boat ride to Isla del Sol and stay the night. The sunsets are simply beyond words.

…in Cochabamba: sit in one of those stylish coffeshops (for example „El Turista“ or „Toc Toc Cafe“), people-watch, let time go by and enjoy a cuppa.

…in the East: take the „Death Train“ to Brazil!

…in Santa Cruz: rent a bike and take part in the „Critical Mess“ bike demo every last Sunday of the month!
…in Uyuni: well, take a guess. 3days/2nights in the salar de Uyuni with Red Planet

1-2-3-Jump! Having a blast at the train cemetery near Uyuni


Whatever you do in stunning Bolivia, take your time. The country is worth it!

Flamingoes in the middle of nowhere, near the Chilenian border

Still roaming around in Bolivia in search of vegan restaurants?

Well, fear not: There is more! Also, if you’re planning on heading to ColombiaBrazilEcuadorPeru or elsewhere.

There are vegan eateries everywhere. Subscribe to my blog if you want to know where. I also put some pics on instagram


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