Vegan Sushi @ Green Point, Cusco

After becoming somewhat of a regular at Green Point, an excellent vegan restaurant in Cusco, I was thrilled to find out that their chef also offers regular cooking classes! As I really enjoyed the delicate food at Green Point I didn’t hesitate a second to check in for one of their courses. But which one?

Each day there is a different schedule (There are cooking classes every day but Sunday) and you can choose between 3 different classes, such as Raw Food, Stuffed Pastries, Gluten Free Baking, Curry World, Creole Food and much more. Finally, I decided on Sushi Time! which included Fried Sushi, Quinoa Sushi and Sushi with brown rice.
It started at 5pm and we finished our feast at about 8pm. At the beginning I got to know Deborah from Argentina who is a chef at Green Point. All the participants received a folder with step by step recipes so that I didn’t have to worry about taking notes. I got my apron and bandana and we were ready to go!

We prepared the fresh ingredients together, cut the veggies, rinsed quinoa, roasted the peppers, prepared the broth and drank some wine in between.

Deborah taught us lots of interesting insights into the world of a chef, from the nutritional value of seaweed, the best seasoning for shiitakes to the preparation of a reduction based on ginger, vinegar and sugar.

At the end we all sat down to a wonderfully prepared table full of delicious sushi rolls of all sorts. In a pleasant atmosphere, really good food and wine and interesting conversation we enjoyed the fruits of what we’ve created. What a culinary highlight!

But there was so much food that there was no way we could finish everything. So we got our little doggie bag home to be enjoyed the next day (one of the perks of vegan sushi). I can’t think of a better way to spend an entertaining evening in Cusco!


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