Crossing the border by walking over the bridge between Ecuador and Peru, I suddenly remembered my friends on my farewell party, forseeing a hard time as a vegan in Peru. Will it really be as tough as they predicted? We’ll see…

The very first stop after a long day in the bus was Jaen, which was nothing to write home about. But hey, there was a vegetarian restaurant, so at least we didn’t have to go hungry to bed. Fuente de Vida (Pardo Miguel) is as basic as it gets, cheap, simple, no frills but decent vegetarian food with vegan options.

Almuerzo @ „Fuente de Vida“

Chachapoyas was the first real stop. There is a lot to explore in the surrounding area, such as the world’s third highest waterfall, Kuelap (2nd most significant ruined citadel after Machu Picchu) and more. Lucky, that there is a vegetarian restaurant called El Eden with a questionable taste concerning interior design, but the food is good, they offer an almuerzo and in the little shop one can stock up on vegan cakes for the treks and other goods.

Almuerzo @ „El Eden“

Iquitos is with about 472000 inhabitants the world’s largest city that cannot be reached by road. It took me 3 days on a cargo ship (in a hammock…) on the mighty Amazon river to get there and it immediately got me with its kinda morbid colonial flair. And I absolutely loved the fact that you can find vegan restaurants even in the deepest rainforest! One of it is Darshan (Calle Dos de Mayo # 469) which is open till 3pm. The very clean and well maintained restaurant (with Air con!) opened 2 years ago with a strong health related approach. Pleasant owner Dr. Juan Rengifo Saldaña doesn’t practice anymore but cooperates closely with the hospital in Iquitos which promotes and recommends a vegan diet as cancer prevention and to fight chronic illness like diabetes, arthritis, bronchitis to name but a few. Juan has seen the world, studied in Northern Europe and regularly visits India once a year. That’s where he was inspired to add meditation as just another pillar of health to his repertoire because he understood the beneficial effects of concentration and focus on your inner self. Hence, he now offers a free meditation class Mondays and Fridays from 8-9pm. Oh the food you ask? Diverse, healthy, reduced salt, cheap, with a soup, salad, main course, desert, drink and fruits. Yummy!










That very same day I met 69-years old Walter, the characteristic owner of Bananas, another vegan restaurant. He was born in Peru but traveled a lot and lived (among others) in Israel, Miami and Alabama is so fluent in English that it took me a while to place his accent. Through his many stays abroad he understood the potential to open a restaurant in his home country with a different approach: 100% vegan with fresh products from the many local markets, he cooks with different fruits and veggies (especially with garlic, he adores this „superfood“), in order to unleash a variety of flavors in tasty food with beneficial health effects. To see his customers happy is his main intention and I definitely left (through this rather unusual and tiny door to his restaurant) with a smile on my face. Thanks, Walter!









After the heat of the jungle and the noise of a million mototaxis in Iquitos, Lima felt surprisingly comfortable, nice and easy. And being the gastronomic capital of the continent there are soooo many vegan restaurants to explore!

I started with El Jardin de Jazmin in Miraflores (Av. La Paz 838) a so-called Restobar which is 100% vegan. I personally liked the arty flair and alternative atmosphere. According to the owner, the philosophy is to make dinner time a meditative moment and use the time eating to reconnect the 5 senses and de-stress. What a blessing in a city with honking cab drivers and false car alarms 24/7! The cultural aspect is clearly a highlight here, be it the book exchange, the art exhibitions or the Live music every Thursday and Saturday. The menu changes continually and is basically a healthy fusion of typical Peruvian dishes and modern junk food (original recipes) with raw options and other delicious meals, from incredible burgers, pasta, sandwiches and attractive combos to finger-licking deserts (try the chocolate cake wit coconut fudge, it’s awesome!) served by a super attentive and friendly staff.









If you happen to be in Lima on a Wednesday, head to Veda (Calle Schell 630) at 7pm to join their weekly Pizza nights and enjoy as much thin-crusted, gluten-free and vegan Pizzas as you can for just 39 Soles! Even if this is not your thing (which would be weird) this tastefully decorated place should be high on your vegan-restaurants-to-visit-list because from the delicious starters and exquisite mains to the finger-licking deserts (cheesecake based on avocado, mint and cashew!) this is tastebuds heaven!







Seitan, (Calle Alfonso Ugarte 150 ) is a family-run urban bistro in Miraflores in an interesting neighborhood full of antiques shops. The chef Santiago received his training in France in the Institut Paul Bocuse and when he returned to Peru he realized that conventional vegan cuisine was too boring („food for rabbits“). It was his motivation to create something better and obviously he succeeded! People frequent his restaurant in herds so that at the end of 2018 they are moving to a bigger place. Looks like I’m not the only one who appreciates a quality burger or those delish mashed potatoes on mushrooms…
Santiago generally sees the quality of vegan cuisine improve steadily these days (rabbit-food-times are over!) which inspired him to plan a vegan fest in November (on the international vegan day) to unite vegan local Chefs and celebrate vegan life in style with a culinary firework. Follow their Facebook page (/SeitanUrbanBistro/) if you don’t wanna miss out on that one!








La Verde (Recavarren 315) is a top notch vegan (and organic) restaurant with a stylish interior and well chosen music.
It started 1979 as a paneria (and these folks still home-bake quality breads themselves in their own adjacent bakery). Back in the days they were the ones who initiated the very first organic farmers market in Lima. Convinced of the health benefits of a vegan diet they use healthy and organic, seasonal and macrobiotic ingredients without synthetics and no artificials- and you can taste that! For example in various bowls & morning combos (think chia pancakes, granola, toast with vegan cheese etc) to start the day, daily specials, sandwiches, rolls & wraps (try the Shawarma!), crostinis & toasts, daily changing Quiches, salads, smoothies and lots of cakes, cookies, brownies, energy balls and more. If this was my restaurant I wouldn’t change a thing!







If you feel like mingling with sporty (and attractive) people head to Raw Cafe (Calle Independencia 587): I was stunned by the amount of (obvious) cross-fitters who are drawn to this restaurant like me to cake. The raw food concept seems to fit their diet (although Raw Cafe slowly include more and more hot dishes as well) of no artificial (but local) ingredients, no sugar, gluten-free options and some excellent and filling salad bowls. And surely after workout in the box you deserved some of those cakes, OMG!







Germinando Vida (Av. Grau 209-A) in Barranco serves delish Quinoa-Burger and Sandwiches, creolla (Peruvian) cuisine with organic ingredients, a menu del dia and also Smoothies with coconut milk and pure fruit, detox fruit juice, Kombuchas and more. They are 100% vegan and family run: The mother inspired her daughter to be vegan and to open a restaurant. They used to be a food stall at an organic market in Barranco for 15 years before opening this restaurant 3 years ago. Exclusively woman work in Germinado Vida (yeah!) in a pleasant ambience and tasteful interior design.


Most vegan restaurants are either in Miraflores or Barranco. Restaurant Vegetariano Naturaleza y Salud (Jr. Callao 279) though makes a convenient lunch break when doing your downtown Lima city walk. They serve nutritious plates and have big yummy portions. It’s a simple vegetarian place frequented by locals and most of the dishes are vegan.







Huaraz‚ location is simply breathtaking: it’s amid the highest mountain range outside the Himalayas with 16 snow capped summits over 6000m. Hence, trekking is the big draw here, and you might be happy to hear that once you return from your exhausting hike through the Cordilleras, there are some vegan options to refuel your fire (even though your tastebuds might still be a bit spoiled after Lima…). For example you might wanna try Krishna Bhog (Jr Enrique Palacios 630, at Jr Alameda Grau), a pure vegetarian Indian restaurant. Talk to them in order to make sure the set menu is vegan (most of the time this is the case). I liked the chapati and the free (!) refill. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8am-10pm. I’ve been to better Indian restaurants, but Krishna Bhog is decent and a more than welcome change to the usual rice-bean-potatoes based almuerzos.







Basic Salud y Vida (Jr Leoniza y Lescano 632, at Mariscal Caceres and Parque de la Aventura), a vegetarian restaurant, offers a cheap and good food which is filling and most of the time vegan (Ask, if in doubt). The almuerzo comes with a salad, a rich soup, a drink and the main course.







Today, I met charming Marina who’s a dedicated vegan for ages (She even thinks that dairy products smell equally bad as meat…). Marina also told me that she observed that lots of her fellow countrymen suffer from high Cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. That’s why she’s motivated to offer fresh and local (and 100% vegan) food that actually has a beneficial effect on people’s health. In her little market stall Comedor Vegetariano (Mercado Central, 2nd floor- hold your breath passing all those meat stalls, the stench is pungent!) she only serves to her customers what she enjoys eating herself. What a noble and logic approach that is! And she practices what she preaches: Especially the soup was outstanding, it even included artichoke!







Trujillo makes an excellent base to visit nearby Chan Chan, the biggest adobe city in the world. It’s colonial streets with creamy pastel colored facades and wrought-iron grillwork is pretty unique. If it just wasn’t for those ever-honking cabdrivers! So let’s escape the noise and head to some veg restaurants to give us a brake!
First, Restaurant Vegetariano Buena Salud (Calle Jiron Coronel Bolognesi 370) was a pleasant surprise. A salad, a very hearty soup, a drink and a decent main dish filled me up alright! It’s vegetarian, but they have always vegan options. They told me that they bought all their (100% organic!) ingredients locally and use no artificial additives. Well worth to check out this one!







One of only two true vegan places in town is Muya Vegano (Jr. San Martin 600), that’s reason enough to go and visit. Wall decoration and some flyers get the (ethical) message across and the menu does the rest: lots of healthy drinks & smoothies, good salads, a daily set menu (which is just that little bit better than the usual almuerzo), fruit salads,  lots of different sandwiches and a (small) quinoa or lentil burger. I loved the fact that they used reusable metal straws instead of those annoying plastic ones! This is probably the best restaurant in town.







And the 2nd vegan place in Trujillo is Loving Hut (Calle Salaverry, close to the corner of Ziron Zepita). It is actually a vegan restaurant chain that serves vegan foods and dishes and has restaurants in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia. It was founded by Ching Hai, a Vietnamese author, entrepreneur, and teacher of the Quan Yin Method of meditation. Although each restaurant is free to offer its own fare, the focus is upon all-vegan meals. There is a TV running continually tuned in on Supreme Master Television which shows „feel good news“, background info on healthy (vegan) living, spirituality and more, subtitled in heaps of languages. It was clean, the service was good (so was the almuerzo), the friendly owner was very informative and it was kind of nice to watch news without terrorist attacks, floods or corrupt politicians for a change. 30 minutes of Happy happy land before reality hits back in…







Feel good is the prime principle of Corazon Verde (Av. La Rivera 328) I learned from the friendly owner. It’s actually a Cultural center in Huanchaco and therefore not only offers food and accommodation but workshops like photography, various therapies (women circle, massage, sound therapy,…), theater, music & dance etc.
It’s not really a restaurant as such but has a small but sweet menu including organic vegetables from the local Thursday Market, Quinoa, pasta, falafel, tortilla, salads, guacamole and more. The dishes here are diverse, versatile and experimental, always depending on what’s available and the mood of the cook (ask for the homemade mango chutney!).
It used to be a restaurant till March 2017 when El Niño caused a river to flood the area completely which had a major impact on the financial status of this little enterprise. Declining numbers of tourists in Huanchaco reduced the pace of the reconstruction, but Corazon Verde is slowly starting to rise again with a small team of ambitious people caring for the wellbeing of you and me. So worth your support, don’t you think?







The Islas Ballestas, the „poor man’s Galápagos“, attracts nature buffs (for a reason) and most of the people stay at the little coastal town of Paracas. If you are vegan (and I suppose you are since you’re reading this blog!) Peruana Vegana is the only choice here really. It belongs to Jose who opened this 100% vegan restaurant in March 2018 in the 3rd floor right on top of his „normal“ eatery with Peruvian dishes. Interesting concept! The idea is to offer typical Peruvian flag ship dishes in a vegan version like for example ceviche, Causa (smashed potatoes cake), vegan Saltado (sauteed veggies and „meat“ from the Wok), Tacu Tacu (Afro Peruvian dish with Lima Beans), Chaufa (Peruvian Chinese Fusion) and more.
I recommend to enjoy the seaview from the balcony and browse the extensive drink menu and maybe try Chi Cha, a traditional black corn juice. The service is very attentive and fast and the prices reasonable. All in all, this restaurant is highly recommended.







Here’s a special one: my very first 100% vegan Sushi restaurant! It was recommended by friends in Lima (gracias Gabriel & Lucía!) and -careful: spoiler alert- it was excellent! The friendly owner Alan from Vancouver, Canada (rumor has it it’s the Sushi Capital of the world!) opened El Buda Profano (Simón Bolívar, 425) in Arequipa two and a half years ago. Alan and his team successfully attract lots of local customers as well as tourists with a finger-licking selection of vegan sushi, quite a rarity in Peru (or even elsewhere in the world). The idea is neither to be „in your face vegan“ nor to claim to offer the „healthiest food around“. Instead, the emphasis is simply on creating convincingly delicious food. Hence, the flavor of well-chosen and carefully prepared ingredients is supposed to speak for itself, rather than taste „just like salmon“ for example. Consequently, I couldn’t stop binging on Nigirizushi, Gunkanmaki, Hosomaki, Uranmaki, Gyozo, Selva Maki and Futomaki Verde until I was nearly to full to try the dessert chocolate Maki with Pecan Nuts. Nearly!







El Veggie (Calle Urubamba 323) is a small family-run pure vegan restaurant outside the tourist area (the only meat-free restaurant in this neighborhood). Samuel & Luppy opened this little gem to make people feel at home. According to them, many came as customers but left as friends. Consequently, they host a lot of regulars, the minority of whom are actually vegan. But people continue to come anyway because of the simple but healthy food and the warm and friendly atmosphere.







On Valentine’s Day 2018, Meylín Alvarez put all her love into realizing her vision of creating a beautiful and peaceful place. That day, she opened La Planta (Jerusalen 609). Here, in the tastefully designed Cafe and Bakery, one can enjoy organic and pure vegan meals and forget about the rest of the world for the length of a decent Peruvian coffee from Chachapoya. Everything here is made with love (but without artificial additives) by her and her little team, from the sourdough bread to the coconut Yoghurt, the Kombucha and even the almond milk! It was Meylín’s motivation from the very beginning to prove all those people wrong who said a place like hers could not do without eggs or dairy products. This place is a demonstration that a plant based nutrition is not only perfectly possible (and so delicious!) but prevents many nutritional and ecological issues on top of that.







Restaurante El Eden (Octavio Muñoz Najar 140) offers decent, simple, good and dirt cheap almuerzos and is a good option if you’re hungry after a strenuous city stroll and don’t mind basic and filling traditional Peruvian food. It’s vegetarian, but heaps of vegan options are available. It’s buffet style, so can choose between a certain amount of dishes. Free juice refill!







Omphalos (Simon Bolivar 107) is a nice vegetarian restaurant with lots of vegan options (they are about to be 100% vegan soon, the owner Heidi promised!). I enjoyed the cosy setting in the open air courtyard. Heidi told me that the philosophy of her restaurant is respect for both, people and animals. She and her team of six intend to attract those people who are skeptical about veganism and show them, even if only once a week, that a different nutrition is possible (and awesome!). I especially loved the savory grilled veggie & seitan platter, I’m sure those skeptical people would also dig that!







Pippala Restaurante (Calle Peru 100) serves simple Peruvian fast food like Salchipapa and other hearty dishes. The portions are enormous and the staff very friendly. The owners became vegetarian very early and consequently opened this meat-free place with many vegan options. Set lunch options are available and an unbeatable bargain.







Cuzco is the gateway to the almighty Machu Picchu and blessed with gorgeous cobblestone alleys and colonial buildings. No wonder the town is as touristy as it gets, but consequently offers the benefit of a variety of (vegetarian & vegan) restaurants.
Chia Vegan Kitchen (Calle Techsecocha 466) for example is 100% vegan. You can have a bargain daily set meal (including soup and dessert) and help yourself at the buffet table with some tasty salads and free-flow juice. Or you feel spoiled for choice and choose from the ample menu that includes
various salads (e.g. Waldorf Chia Salad), Burgers & Sandwiches (fancy a Chicharron Vegan Sandwich with seaweed?!) and some incredible desserts (how about a Coconut Roll, the Avocado Mousse Pie or the Mango Ravioli?). Fast and friendly service.







This one’s not a secret anymore: I had to wait for my table at Green Point (Calle carmen Bajo 235) cause people LOVE this place and so do I! Man, this place was crowded with a happy and exciting crowd for a reason: In a pleasant atmosphere people can enjoy quality food and choose from a hyper-diverse menu with palate-pampering dishes like the enormous Grill Platter with vegan chorizo, skewers and sauerkraut (!), or smoked Sushi with cream cheese, raw spring rolls or wraps or spicy lentil soup with nachos, to name but a few. I really had a tough time deciding on what I wanted! Impressively, everything they offer is homemade (even the Joghurt, the Chocolate-Maca-Mousse and the Tiramisu!), except the oil and the soy sauce. Plus, the food looked appealing, it smelled mouth watering and tasted fantastic. Bliss for all senses! And I haven’t even mentioned the customer service, which was totally on another level.
As people understandably started to crave their food after they opened in 2013 they now offer a cooking class and are about to publish their own recipe book to fulfill their mission to convert people and motivate them to change to a vegan diet. Their key reasons for which they make these dietary choices are: to reduce animal suffering, to reduce the impact we have on the planet, to improve health and to reduce human suffering. Absolute and total recommendation!!







The Vegan Bistro moved more than one year ago from the smaller place in San Blas to Tambo de Montero 508 (unfortunately, Happy Cow still locates it in the wrong place). It’s a cosy lil‘ restaurant and 100% vegan, yeah! They offer excellent Peruvian/Creole fusion like Causa, Ceviche, Patacones, crispy Tempura of Cochayuyo, Quinoa risotto or Ají de champiñón a la norteña. But because the friendly Chef and owner (originally from Cuzco) is really into Italian food himself big time, great Lasagne, Pizza & Ravioli etc. can be had here as well. And not only that: Everything’s home-made at the Vegan Bistro (except the soy sauce), even the pasta dough! I love the fact that they strictly follow a regional-ingredients-only-policy. The food was super yummy and eye candy as well as the presentation plays a big role (don’t miss out on those desserts!). Find out yourself, you won’t be disappointed!







The Shaman Vegan Restaurant (Santa Catalina Ancha 366 B) is another 100% vegan restaurant here in Cuzco with a unique atmosphere and a welcoming staff. A lot of decoration, posters and masks line the walls and add to the esoteric and spiritual touch of this place, that also sells books by the owner Mallku Aribalo. He is an experienced Shaman (hence the name…) who offers meditation, various plant ceremonies and others that can be arranged here. About 1/3 of their dishes are raw, and thus can be enjoyed as a preparatory diet for certain ceremonial therapies. Or just for health reason. Or just because it’s tasty: try something with almond cheese, it’s so good!







My 2nd Loving Hut experience in Peru (Jr. Choquehuanca 188)! It is -like all the other branches- completely vegan. The owner Sofia is vegan herself for 6 years already and offers vegan versions of typical Peruvian dishes like Salchipapa, Lomo Saltado, Quinoa Chauffa, Bisteck Montado and Parrillada. Obviously, lots of the dishes are pretty (fake) meat based and all the products from the Loving Hut brand like burger patties, hot dogs, bacon, ham, nuggets or chicken filet are sold here as well. I even had a false fried egg for the first time ever!







El Encuentro (Santa Catalina Ancha 384) is a vegetarian restaurant with paintings that take some getting used to. It was already opened in 1993 (!) by owner Alberto who is a lactic vegetarian for 20 years. Here, you’ll get the good old almuerzo with salad, soup, drink and main course for laughable 10 soles. But surely you can choose a la carte between several vegan options like burgers, salads, soups, spaghetti plus Peruvian dishes like Lomo Saltado, Chicharrón and more. They don’t use any additives and lots of vegetables and complete grains with high content of proteins and minerals like soya, lentils and tofu.








Opened end of 2017, The Churro Bar & Vegan Bakery is 98% vegan (there is only a cheese sandwich and one churros option, caramel, which is not vegan). I tried the chocolate cake and the choc churros, they were delish! Other quick vegan bites are vegan bagels, a tofu wrap, a mushroom sandwich with caramelized onions. Other than that they offer truffles, passionfruit cupcakes and little peanut butter bonbons for the sweet tooth. Breakfast sounds also pretty darn good: options are tofu scramble, vegan pancakes, avocado toast, fruit salad, smoothie bowl and a hearty house breakie with sweet potato stew. I loved the strong coffee and the fact that you won’t find any plastic here. The Churro Bar are environmentally conscious and encourage customers to bring their own container when taking food to go, you’ll even get a discount then! Or better: eat in and soak up the atmosphere. Oh, and they sell homemade soap made from their churro leftover oil, what an awesome way to recycle is that?!







You fancy a quality burger, want it fast and are thirsty as well?
Prasada (Qanchipata 269) is a vegetarian restaurant with several yummy vegan options: 8 different splendid burgers (try KUSH: sweet onions, pineapple chutney, honey mustard & guacamole, it’s heaven!), salads, tacos, sandwiches and lots of fusion juices (that regularly come in a 1 liter pint glasses!!). The owner Hans (no, he’s not German…) manages another restaurant as well: The Vegan Temple, which is -as the name implies- vegan. I’ll visit that one next, it sounds very tempting….and vegan!







The vegan Temple (Choquechaca 425) really is a vegan temple (and open 365 days a year!)! Hans & Gina started in 2009 with only one restaurant, but when things took off they decided to open a second one. Now, environmentally conscious travelers looking for a quality restaurant can choose between the aforementioned vegetarian Prasada (rather Hans‘ project), or The Vegan Temple (Gina’s jewel, she’s vegetarian for 20 years). The menu is similar (though not the same), so you’ll also get some palate-busting burgers (try Narayana: sautéed peppers, pineapple chutney cream with mint, honey mustard and guacamole!). Some dishes are inspired by extensive traveling and what tickled their own palates abroad, for example Arabic falafel or 3 different Asian curries. A big plus are the eleven different Lassies in huuuuge bucket-sized glasses, made with vegan yogurt and extraordinary fusions, like Paz (chestnuts milk, coconut meat, Aloe Vera, mango and banana) or Amor (coconut milk, piña, mango, strawberry and the local elderberry). Hans and Gina buy their food locally and support smaller farmers they know personally. A friend who’s a nutritionist makes sure that the diet you get in either restaurant is balanced and customers don’t miss out on anything. I strongly recommend this really cosy place with relaxing music where you take a seat on the floor on pillows and feel like an Inca King.







Green Falafel sits right in the Mercado Tipico de San Blas between fruit, vegetable and meat stalls and other ordinary eateries. But this one is far from ordinary: the chef and owner Pilar is vegetarian herself and opened her meat free little restaurant a year ago. And what a success story it is! I was stunned by the people cueing up in lines (mostly tourists though, the locals don’t seem to be attracted by healthy cruel-free food), waiting for Piadinas, Durums, Pitas or the daily set meal. Or the yummy „Mega Vegano„, a Falafel with mushroom, Olives and extra avocado. According to Juan, who works temporarily with Vanessa for Pilar, the record so far was
70 dishes a day! The staff usually changes after 3 month and are mostly travelers. Pilar’s reasons for dismissing meat are the unusual (health reasons, emphatically with animals, environment ..) but her comment when I asked her for her motivation was priceless: „A cow doesn’t eat you- why eating a cow then!?“





Believe it or not, even in Puebla Macchu Pitchu you can dine out as there is the Hare Krishna inspired Govinda (Av. Pachacutec 112) which I already tried in several countries. They are the only vegetarian option in town and have heaps of vegan options as well. Their extensive menu includes a lot of typical and traditional Peruvian dishes like Lomo Saltado, Ceviche, Causa, Chauffa or Risotto de Quinoa. Other than that, Indian cuisine is big here, like Koftas, Subji or Maha Brinjal Subji (spinach, Tofu, eggplant, green beans and Indian spices). It’s a tad more expensive than the other Govinda’s I’ve tried, but considering the location so close to one of the most famous sights of the world, it’s still a fair deal. It’s in the second floor and the balcony is the perfect spot for people watching.







In Puno, at the shores of the stunning Lake Titicaca you’ll find two vegan restaurants.
The first one is La Veganessa (Jr. Santiago Giraldo N° 145); it opened in February 2018 in the second floor, so everything’s brand new here. Somebody here must have a good taste of music, it was strikingly pleasant when I was there. Available is the classic almuerzo or you chose á la carte from various soups, Quinoa lasagne, Chaufa, Salrado with chitake or the Buddha Bowl with pomegranate, mango, almonds, avocado and beetroot on a bed of quinoa. Also try the Emoliente, an Andean herbs and line seeds drink that has medicinal benefits and you’ll get a free refill! Healthy, huh? You can make up for too much healthiness by ordering a customized cake with as much icing and calories as you like. Online. Tempted?! The three owners follow the ethic approach and decline to kill animals for food. Hence, they joined others on the Facebook group puno vegan to promote a vegan diet so that one day it will be „normal“ to be vegan. Greis Mayhua Sipo, one of the owners, told me that the idea is to make the food look and taste like the traditional dishes so that the locals can’t tell the difference. Que buena idea!


The second vegan restaurant in Puno is Loving Hut (188 Choque Huanca), the first Loving Hut in Peru ever (now, there are 10)! Oscar met Ching Hai, the founder, 22 years ago in Peru and she changed his life in 5 minutes. Due to her convincing personality he decided to become vegan from then on. And 8 years ago he and his wife (she really was the driving force here!) opened the restaurant. Today, Luz & Oscar are somewhat local tv and radio celebrities, giving interviews and promoting a sustainable lifestyle – and their restaurant, which they are currently re-building to be able to provide a bigger an even better and more professional environment for staff and guests alike. Apart from an extensive choice of dishes (even when taking the daily set menu, you need to decide between 7 different mains!) you can also stock up on various vegan nibbles, cookies and more.







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