Chirapa Manta Amazon Lodge

I got invited to Chirapa Manta  to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.
When I arrived at Chirapa Manta Ecolodge, near San Roque de Cumbaza (30 minutes away from Tarapoto (directions) that is found in the upper part of the Cumbaza river in the buffer zone of Cordillera Escalera Conservation Area), I realized that I had arrived in the jungle at last. Entering their 10 ha (!) property, crossing the river on a swinging bridge and walking through dense vegetation full of butterflies made me leave all the thoughts of noise, traffic and all other aspects of urban life behind. I smiled.

“Chirapa” means Rainbow in the local Quechua (Kichwa-Lamista) and “Manta” is used to determine the geographic area of something: your origin, the use of land, etc. Therefore, the translation of Chirapa Manta would be: “Land of the rainbow”. And here it was….

Talking with the super friendly and hospitable owners Claudia & Javier I learned that  Chirapa Manta Ecolodge is a project to live life in harmony with the Earth and its surroundings and the idea is to promote, practice and experience a sustainable life style in communion with nature. Hence, the Lodge is built with natural materials like Adobe Walls embedded with glass bottles. Also, there are dry composting toilets to save valuable drinking water, and in the kitchen, local fruits and vegetables are primarily used.

The rooms are extremely cozy and due to the natural building materials the climate and atmosphere is nice and enjoyable. Sleeping in the comfy bed with the soothing sound of the river in the background made me feel snug as a bug in a rug!


As for your wellbeing different treats keep body and soul healthy: yoga, conscious eating, detoxification programs, work with Amazon medicinal plants, rituals of harmonization and spiritual reconnection, emotional management, among others.

That vegetarian and vegan nutrition is a key factor here didn’t surprise me at all. I enjoyed the food a lot, be it the vegan pancakes with chocolate nibs, fresh fruits and sugarcane syrup in the morning or the vegan quinoa on green pesto and mushrooms and mixed salad with nuts and yummy vinaigrette for lunch. A big plus is the free use of the kitchen facilities at any time of the day.

I found Chirapa Manta Ecolodge extremely inspiring and connected with nature. It’s a place that tries to influence their guests and takes care of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being that I can highly recommend and that is so worth a detour!


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