The Black Sheep Inn (near Laguna Quilotoa)

I received a discount to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Reading about The Black Sheep Inn made me curious: a vegetarian hotel in Ecuador that focuses on sustainability and is 100% community operated? I wanted to give it a try and find out if they could cater for vegans as well.
Well, they could! The lunchbox I took on the hike contained a savory sandwich and popcorn, breakfast was hearty and the  dinner included a soup, a filled eggplant plus salad and fruits. I only missed out on the (free) cookies as they contained milk.

As far as sustainability is concerned, I was well impressed by several ecological features, that make The Black Sheep Inn outstanding:
– There is a Composting toilet which functions as a little greenhouse with garden beds inside for aromatic flowers and herbs.
– An organic garden helps to become more self-sufficient in food production, using permaculture design in order to efficiently connect gardens, orchards, animals, energy, houses, buildings and people.
The Black Sheep Inn features some Permaculture demonstrations: dry composing toilets, gray water systems, recycling of plastic, metal, paper and glass. Over 2000 native trees were planted, buildings have been made from local materials such as straw and adobe and local woods for beams. The organic gardens are fertilized with animal manure.
– They reduce environmental impact by buying in bulk and avoiding non-recyclable packaging. They reuse most of their recourses (bottle walls are everywhere!)

All this and more is why The Black Sheep Inn received heaps of awards.


Apart from their ecological approach, there are other reasons why I highly recommend staying at The Black Sheep Inn, even for a longer period. You definitely won’t get bored as there are so many options to keep you entertained, so you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Their Yoga Studio is a perfect place to relax, meditate or just unwind swinging in one of the hammocks.

If you need a more active workout, you can sweat in the Weight & Excercise room with homemade free weights, sit-up bench, monkey bars, bench press and parallel bars.

The Sauna and adjacent hot tub help to relax your tired muscles.

Or else, I can highly recommend the Frisbee Golf course, it’s so much fun!


Daredevils are probably drawn to the free Zip Line (I skipped on that one…).

Or you do it like me and spend some time with the animals: They have a dog, cats, llamas (soooo cute!), pigs, ducks and sheep (of course).


The Black Sheep Inn sits beautifully between the Andean mountains and is conveniently located right on the famous 3-day hike „Quilatoa Loop“, which is chosen one of the top experiences in Ecuador by Lonely Planet. It has 10 rooms that are all differently designed and can accommodate up to 30 guests. Why don’t you try and be one of them?

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You run a vegan or vegetarian hotel and want me to check it out? Don’t hesitate to contact me!


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