Do’s and Dont’s of vegan traveling

I’m very grateful that I have had the chance of traveling and I still have.  For those furtunate ones who are in a similar position, I’d like to share some tips and advice concerning a vegan diet while on the road. Hopefully, you’ll find those useful for your next holiday. So here is my list of Do’s & Dont’s of vegan traveling.

This is by no means complete. Let’s create a continuously growing list everybody can profit from! So don’t hesitate to add another advice in the comment section below.

Drying chilies in Myanmar

research: the more you know about the traditions, customs and culinary specialties of a certain country, the easier to get around. No nasty surprises on that front.
prepare: especially in countries which language you don’t speak, prepare a card which explains your special diet (maybe also gluten free, nut allergy or whatnot). Pictures help!
cook: especially in rural areas even Happy Cow can not provide a vegan restaurant at times. Fear not! Do what you do at home: prepare your own meals. Sometimes they are the best! And you’ll get seconds…so make sure your accommodation features a kitchen you can use. That way, you’ll save a bit as well (which you can blow at this fancy vegan restaurant in the next big city you already read so much about!)

Local market in Sumatra

….buy locally: explore local veggies and fruits and widen your culinary horizon. Buy at local markets (also but not foremost to save some bucks). You might ask yourself how it was even possible to survive without Mora, Babaganush or that other exotic vegetable whose name you already forget.

Beach snack in Thailand

explain: Talk to the local people. Spread the word and make them understand that being vegan is an option! Set an example without being a nuisance with that raised moral finger. Nobody likes Mr. or Miss know-it-all-and-I-am-better/healthier/eco-friendlier-than-you.
find restaurants: use Happy Cow or Foodblogs from fellow vegan travelers like  VeganfoodquestTravel & Tofu or Vegan World Trekker to name but a few.

Encounters in India

spread the world: help little restaurants by liking/commenting them on Facebook or simply recommend them by word of mouth. Also, mark them on, so others can find them more easily.
RRR: do the same you’d do at home- reduce, reuse, recycle

panic: vegan food is everywhere. You won’t starve to death! No, not even in South America. You’ll be fine…

Pineapples galore in Tanzania

get frustrated: local taste might be different, vegan (or even vegetarian) food might not be easy to get in a certain part of the world. But the movement and the conscience is growing. Be part of it and motivate others to do the same. Veganism is the future!
use too much plastic: only because the locals use 5 plastic bags for 5 items doesn’t mean that you should forget all you learned about sustainability. Shop at local markets and try to avoid plastic as much as possible. Set an example, others might follow.

Souq in Syria, 2010

Enjoy traveling, enjoy food, enjoy life!


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