Belize in a nutshell

imageComing from Mexico, tiny Belize can be explored in a fraction of the time you need for each of the neighboring countries. That’s a plus. Also, non-Spanish speaker will get around due to English being the official language. On the downside though, the comparably high prizes can put a strain on your budget. Still, it’s an enjoyable place for beach bums, nature lovers and cultural geeks where we also found some good vegan restaurants (for details and reviews check and comment here

And when the food is just not good enough- add Mary Sharp’s hot sauce and maybe you’ll wish you hadn’t! And then, do it again…

Here are some of my personal highlights:

Top 3 restaurants:
1. Venky`s Kabab Corner, Corozal
2. Cayo Twist, San Ignacio
3. Tina`s Restaurant, Hopkins

Top 3 sights
1. Xunantunich, near San Ignacio
2. Altun Ha
3. Driving on the Hummingbird Highway

Stunning views @ the ruins in Xunantunich

Top 3 natural highlights
1. Snorkel at Shark Ray Alley
2. Jungle walk in the Blue Hole National Park and spending the night in a cabana on stilts at Yax’che Jungle Camp
3. Trekking in the Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary

Cuddling nurse sharks @ „Shark Ray Alley“, Cay Caulker

You gotta Belize it!

You might wanna check on my Do`s and Dont`s of Vegan Traveling before you go…


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