Guatemala in a nutshell

Guatemala has not really been on the bucket list for a long time. Thankfully though, partly encouraged by my Guatemalan colleague (thanks heaps, Susana!), partly just because we were nearby anyway, we spent some unforgettable six weeks in a country that simply blew us away. We immersed into the rich culture and learned a lot, climbed volcanos, shopped at local markets, broke down in a local bus, saw the sun rise from the biggest Maya Temple and met heaps of warm and welcoming people. And ate some excellent vegan food (for more details and restaurant reviews check here!

This country is not to be missed!! Here are some of my personal highlights:

Top 3 natural highlights
1. Howler Monkeys in the jungle around Tikal
2. Azure Pools of Semuc Champey
3. Eruption of Volcano Fuego, near Antigua

Stunning Semuc Champey

Top 3 hotels
1. Yellow House, Antigua
2. Hotel Kangaroo, Rio Dulce
3. La Paz, Lake Atitlan

Top 3 restaurants
1. Fifth Dimension, San Pedro/Lake Atitlan
2. Zoola, Antigua
3. Samsara, Antigua

Pizza @ „Fifth Dimension“, the best vegan restaurant

Top bad-as animals
1. Tarantula in Tikal
2. Scorpion in Lanquin
3. Howler Monkeys in Tikal (at least they sounded bad-as!)

Uninvited visitor…

I hope you’ll enjoy Guate as much as we did! You might wanna check on my Do`s and Dont`s of Vegan Traveling before you go…


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