Colombia in a nutshell

Having spent seven weeks in beautiful Colombia, we got quite an overview on this diverse country, about its people, the landscapes, culture and of course Colombian food. Looking back, it was luckily not as difficult to obtain a vegan diet as I initially thought. We found heaps of vegan places (for details and restaurant reviews in al the places we visited in Colombia, check here) plus a seemingly endless amount of exotic fruits that I haven’t ever heard of before. Also, we discovered the daily lunch deals (not so common on the coast, but ever present in the rest of the country), always varying and for an unbeatable prize.

So here are my personal highlights of our 7-week-Colombia-North-to-South-Tour (Nick Hornby-style…)

Top 3 restaurants
1. Mr. Veggie Medellin
2. Consulado Vegetal, Jardin
3. Govinda`s, Guatape

Best vegan restaurant in Colombia: Mr. Veggie in Medellin!!

Top 5 natural highlights
1. Trekking Parque National Natural Tayrona
2. Climbing Piedra del Penol and enjoying the view
3. Landscape at Punta Gallinas
4. Gawking at sloths in the Parque del Centenario in Cartagena
5. Diving in Taganga

Under water in Taganga

Top 3 weirdest things
1. Coffee-country Colombia importing Coffee from Ecuador
2. Playing Tejo in Filandia
3. Chair-rockin‘ oldies with cowboy hats in Jardin

Colombia is the third biggest coffee producer in the world

Top 4 „new“ fruits
1. Guabana
2. Lulo
3. Zapote
4. Granadila

Fruits galore!

Top 3 cutest villages
1. Jardin
2. Guatape
3. Filandia

The streets of Jardin

Enjoy Colombia!

…and keep on traveling. Have you been on #veganvagrantblog today?



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