As we only traveled down the Yucatan Peninsula, I can only refer to vegan places in that part of Mexico so far. It’s a huge country and obviously we missed out on so many places (and places to eat). But we’ll be back somewhen in the future, that’s for sure!

So as for now I can only generally highlight that…
1….this has to be the place where mangoes were invented. Oh boy. I’ve never tasted a mango that sweet. Incredible. Honestly the best mango EVER. Had to have one every day.
2. …nothing beats an old classic: guacamole. Avocados are big, ripe, tasty and cheap. We often bought them on local markets, together with a tomato, onion and a bit of lime juice et voila: here’s your healthy afternoon snack.


Other than that, we found….

… on Isla Mujeresvegan Healtfood in Aroma Isla on the main restaurant/shops road (Miguel Migaldo 8A). I had a good Pizza with a tasty somewhat different base (dark dough), they have also tasty fruit juices and smoothies. It’s a bit more pricey, a bit of what I expected, judging from the somewhat stylish/noble interior. Not the biggest portions though, but still worth a visit due to the quality of the food. They’re serious about their healthy approach.
On that same road, there is a tiny Israeli restaurant called Falafel Hananya Kosher Restaurant that offers very good Falafel with a tasty sesame sauce and excellent humus varieties. Having lived several years in Arabia, believe me I can tell a good from a bad Falafel and this one was definitely one of the better ones!

…in Tulum: This is a touristic place due to the maya ruins that sit right on the shore overlooking the sea. But it’s nothing like crowded Cancun, it’s a totally different vibe.


A lot of places have an alternative touch to them and seem to attract people who are into yoga, spirituality and healthy living. Hence, we found several vegan places:
La Hoja Verde just of the main road (Beta Sur) is a vegan/vegetarian place with heaps of options. Went there twice (wouldn’t have returned if it wasn’t good, would we?).
– On Av. Cobra Sur (the one that leads to the beach) you’ll find a big Supermarket where you can stock up on fruits and veggies (the choice of chilies? Man…). Opposite that one there’s a little hippieesque haven in the backyard called Co. ConAmor. There’s a nice atmosphere in the shade of the tree with sofas, water is for free, and there’s a shop offering all sorts of health food related items. We had fresh Asian summer roles and a good vegan burger (not many fries though).
– Just next door of that is a tiny food wagon where you get a decent falafel wrap and vegan ice cream (!) and fantastic smoothies. Support the small stores!

…in BacalarWhen you’re heading to Belize and want to break a long and tiring bus journey, Bacalar, not far from the border is a very tranquil and peaceful stop. It sits on a beautiful lagoon that astonishes due to its various (apparently 7, at least that’s what they say) colors of the water. Another reason to stop by: Mango y Chile, beautifully located right next to the castle overlooking the lagoon. They only have a small menu, but an excellent variety of burgers, fresh juices and some treats for the sweet tooth.

After Mexico I traveled to Belize. Which vegan restaurants I found there, you find out here!



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