Name an Italian dish! Right, we’re talking pizza. And did you know that the „Mother of all Pizzas“ is actually vegan? Yes, we don’t miss out on anything as the so-called „Marinara“ is super simple, without cheese or other crap. Just pure, delicious, simple. It’s a thin crust, with a rich tomatoe sauce and sprinkled with garlic oil. Believe me, you don’t need anything else. Found anywhere in Venice. Goes down well with a glass of red wine sitting on a channel watching the world go by. Dine in style!
Other than that, we enjoyed the „Gam Gam Kosher Restaurant“ in the Ghetto Vecchio ( where we had an awesome Arabic platter with Hummus and Antipasti. It’s a local institution being around for 15 years and always busy. They are not vegan (or vegetarian, for that matter), but do have several plant based options that are unique and yummy.


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