Wow. So beautiful this island may be (in fact in my personal top 3 list of most stunning tropical islands) – That was a tough one. Easily lost a bit of weight and some nerves. Might have changed in the meantime (we went there 2009), but boy were we struggling to get something to eat that has not swam the oceans or crawled / run on mother’s earth before. We ended up paying a lot for pizza nearly every day for two solid weeks.


Try to find accommodation with a kitchen, then you can cater for yourself. This one really leaves me a bit out of my wits, sorry I can’t be more helpful. Wait, here`s one last advice: I came up with general tips and tricks when traveling abroad and trying to keep up a vegan diet. Click here to find out more!

Please feel welcome to add veggie/vegan places in the „comment section“ that you found and checked out that might have popped up in the meantime. There must be something around by now on the Seychelles, mustn’t it!?



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