As in other Asian countries you need to be careful in Myanmar because chicken stock and fish sauce are also used in Myanmar. Same rules apply, ask the people. They’re awesome.


Also, Myanmar is not quite Thailand. Well, as far as the food is concerned, I mean. Their curries for example are not just as tasty as in the neighboring countries, but still, there are some unique local delicacies to be discovered. Salad here is big and different, but I’ll come to that later. The Shan Tohu Nuway is another specialty where the tofu (tohu) is made out of ground chickpea, instead of soya. The mash is poured over a noodle broth, topped up with ground peanuts, roasted garlic, parsley, cabbage and crunchy chilli paste. Meltin‘!!


The Moon – Be Kind to Animals is basically right in front of the entry to the temple area in old Bagan. It’s vegetarian with numerous vegan options. I’ll never forget this place because when we had our veg curry there (vegan of course) a very good friend of mine strolled into the restaurant – I didn’t even know she was on the same continent! What a surprise and another example just of how coincidence determines our life and that’s exactly what makes it worthwhile. So keep your eyes open once you’re there, you never know who you run into!

Inle Lake
This was the place were we discovered a little side street were 4 or 5 small streetfood stales had their little base. They more or less had the same on offer, however we stuck to one as with our little note (explaining what we don’t eat) they understood what we were after. So that made things easy and the food was cheap, heaps and good. It was here that we tasted fermented Tea Leaf Salad, Pennywort, Ginger, tomato and other salads (all with a unique taste, very different of what I’ve ever had salad-wise), fried tofu and other things.


Soe Pyi Swar (50, 13th street) is a Chinese restaurant that is 100% vegan with an extensive menu and it specializes on fake meat variations, from duck and beef to fish. You name it, they have it all. And as far as I remember (but it’s been a while since I ate animals) it’s even quite close to the original. So if your craving some hearty savory meat-like dishes, this is the place to go. It’s not really cozy but then again, we didn’t expect that in the first place. Cheap as.

Welcome to the land of the chilies!

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