Another country that’s scoring high on the you’ll-never-find-something-to eat-there-list. And it’s true: being an island, the diet of many Icelanders consists of seafood. Plus, they do have some really yackie stuff, like the famous rotten shark and sheep’s head, split in a half (fries on the side, sir?). That (and some hefty prices) caused us to cater for ourselves mainly. There are supermarkets with reasonable prices, some of which even had some fake cheese and other vegan products mainly imported from the US. We rented a van and prepared our stuff on the gas stove, camping romantically in the wild.
BUT: there is this one place in Reykjavik where I got my birthday tread which is really worth going to, not only for the food. Cafe Babalu (Skólavörðustígur 22A) has a really homey atmosphere with heaps of nickknacks and with an eye for details. Check it out when your there – and leave some room for the desert, their vegan cakes are yummy!
Another real tread was Caffi Vinyl (Hverfisgata 76) where the food was amazing, the crowd trendy (but in a nice way, you know what I mean?) and as the name suggests the DJ puts on some real funky tunes. Good vibes, total recommendation!


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