A Vegan World Tour

So you’re vegan, want to travel to xxx (insert country here) but everyone keeps telling you that it’d be literally impossible to survive there? Well, I’m a herbivore for ages, love traveling and been around quite a bit, always on the hunt for this cosy little veggi place. And I found it, even in xxx (insert country here)! Get inspired, support local vegan restaurants and spread the word.
For the cause, for the animals!


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Oh boy, what a first impression of Brazil: I arrived hungry in Corumba after a 17-hour train ride from Bolivia. But there was not a single vegetarian (let alone vegan) restaurant to be found, although the city was reasonably big. Hmmm….The same applied in the next town, Bonito. And the more I asked around the … Brazil weiterlesen


Meat invariably dominates most meals. On that front, Bolivia is no exception to other South American countries. But I heard that vegatarian and even vegan options are on the rise. How much it’s really been risen already and how easy it is to maintain a 100% plant based diet I will find out during my … Bolivia weiterlesen

Peru in a nutshell

Nine weeks are barely enough to grasp the diversity of this glorious country. I’ve seen massive sand dunes in Ica, frozen Andean peaks, dense jungle and the mighty Amazon river, lots of breathtaking (Pre) Inca ruins everywhere, buzzing cities, islands full of wildlife near Paracas, indigenous life especially in the south, puzzling geoglyphs, untouched landscapes … Peru in a nutshell weiterlesen

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