A Vegan World Tour

So you’re vegan, want to travel to xxx (insert country here) but everyone keeps telling you that it’d be literally impossible to survive there? Well, I’m a herbivore for ages, love traveling and been around quite a bit, always on the hunt for this cosy little veggi place. And I found it, even in xxx (insert country here)! Get inspired, support local vegan restaurants and spread the word.
For the cause, for the animals!


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Brazil in a nutshell

Brazil is huge, enormous, gigantic. It’s the 5th biggest country in the world! So I’m not even going into this „what-a-diverse-country-with-so-many-different-cultures-that-have-so-much-for-offer“-talk. You could LIVE here and wouldn’t be able to see the whole country. So I’ll cut the crap and focus on the few things I did experience and recommend a couple of things I … Brazil in a nutshell weiterlesen


Oh boy, what a first impression of Brazil: I arrived hungry in Corumba after a 17-hour train ride from Bolivia. But there was not a single vegetarian (let alone vegan) restaurant to be found, although the city was reasonably big. Hmmm….The same applied in the next town, Bonito. And the more I asked around the … Brazil weiterlesen

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