A Vegan World Tour

So you’re vegan, want to travel to xxx (insert your next holiday destination here) but everyone keeps telling you that it’d be literally impossible to survive there? That there`d be no way you’ll able to find a vegetarian, let alone vegan restaurant in, let’s say Bolivia, Abu Dhabi, Peru or Brazil?

Well, I’m a herbivore for ages, love traveling and been around quite a bit, always on the hunt for this cosy little veggi place. And I found it, even in xxx (insert your next holiday destination here)! And I  made it my mission to visit in as many of those plant based restaurants as I can and write about them, wherever they are.

Beach in Southern Thailand, land of the Green Curry!

The only rule: The restaurants I visit have to be at least 100% vegetarian (or even better: vegan), veg-friendly is not enough. I don’t want to support restaurants that serve meat AND vegan/vegetarian dishes.

So follow my footsteps, enjoy your cruel-free holiday, get inspired, support local vegan restaurants and spread the word.
For the cause, for the animals!

You run a vegan restaurant (or a vegan hotel) and want me to write about it? You are very welcome to get in touch with me


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…but I couldn’t live without burgers/cheese/milk/chicken wings…!

Well, believe me you can. It’s not a necessity like the air we breath, but a redundant and morbid HABIT. And guess what: humans can actually change their habits (if only they chose to do so). And that’s because we are independent thinkers with a great deal of understanding and logic…and compassion and empathy. If … …but I couldn’t live without burgers/cheese/milk/chicken wings…! weiterlesen

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